Round 13, Turn 10: "Castles of Burgundy" with Elder

0:00:00 - Introduction: Welcome Professor Elder
0:05:45 - This Week’s Game Night: Tabannusi, Imperial Struggle, Terraforming Mars, Imperial Steam, Furnace, Babylonia, Tichu
0:13:21 - This Week's News: Lord of the Rings--Fantasy Flight Games Revised Core Set; Pax Unplugged, World Series of Board Games, World Boardgaming Championships (WBC,) Blood Rage, Ra, 7 Wonders, Cataan, Diplomacy, Cole Wehrle: Arcs - Collapse and Conflict in the Void; MythWind, Expanded Horizons Expansion and Magical Miniatures; Gutenberg.
 0:40:42 - Games on the Brain: Tabannusi, Furnace, Glass Road
0:50:32 - Review of Castles of Burgundy
1:11:20 - Forgotten Classics: Puerto Rico, Through the Desert, Tigris and Euphrates, Tikal, Aman Rae, Alhambra, Reef Encounter, Carcassonne, Princes of Florence, Princes of the Renaissance, 5th Avenue, Power Grid, Taj Mahal, Boomtown, Louis XIV, Wildlife, Pillars of the Earth
1:57:09 - Sign off