Round 13, Turn 8: "Paris" with Jake

0:00:00 - Introduction: Welcome Jake, the Casual Gamer
0:06:32 - This Week's Game Night: Americanish, Fresh Fish, Terraforming Mars
0:13:44 - This Week's News: Asmodee for sale; Oceans Digital Game; Artisans of Splendent Vale kickstarter; Total War: Rome; Masters of the Universe: Clash for Eternia; In-Flight 2021.
0:34:08 - Games on the Brain: College Games to Break the Ice - Codenames, Just One, The Crew, Tichu, Avalon, The Mind, Lost Cities, Wavelength
0:42:05 - Review of Paris
1:05:22 - Iconic Examples of Game Mechanisms: Worker Placement - Everdell, Viticulture, Agricola; Card Drafting - Seven Wonders, Citadels, Taj Mahal; Set Collection - Ra, Lost Cities, Bohnanza; Area Majority - Carcassonne, El Grande, Ethnos; Cooperative - The Crew, Pandemic, Magic Maze; Deck Building - Dominion, Orleans, Taverns of Tiefenthal; Network and Route Building - Power Grid, Babylonia, Kingdom Builder; Auction/Bidding - Modern Art, Princes of Florence, Ra; 
1:40:14 - Board Game Sommelier - Age of Steam, 18XX, Power Grid, Taj Mahal, Cavum
1:48:06 - Sign Off