Round 16, Turn 3: Perseverance

0:00:00 - Introduction: Welcome Game Enthusiast Matt #1, Game BreakerPaul and Game Designer Trey.
0:03:45 - This Week’s Game Night: Perseverance, Crescent Moon (Root, Oath, Pax games) Agricola
0:13:03 - This Week’s Game News: Azul, Master Chocolatier; Origins reinstates mask requirements; Awaken Realms Castles of Burgundy (Castles of Mad King Ludwig); Evergreen (Photosynthesis)
0:28:50 - Games on the Brain: Reacting to the Past (Argent); Burn Cycle (Cloud Spire, Too Many Bones)
0:37:21 - Review of Perseverance Chronicles Episodes One and Two: Trickerion, Cerebrea, Anachrony, Brass, Brass Lancashire, Age of Steam, Coimbra, Twilight Struggle, Troyes, El Grande, CO2, Archipelago, The Great Wall, Le Havre
1:18:57 - Complexity
1:39:42 - Board Game Sommelier: Panamax, 
1:49:17 - Sign Off; kirbooloni.com, gamebrainpod.com