Round 16, Turn 4: Ginkgopolis

Ben, Dmitry, and Paul discuss the 2012 game "Ginkgopolis" as well as its expansion "Ginkgopolis: The Experts."  Plus, what makes us want to give a game a second chance.

0:00:00 - Introduction: Welcome Ben, Philosophical Gamer Dmitry, and Game Breaker Paul.

0:04:29 - This Week’s Game Nights: Avalon, Lowlands, Ark Nova, Time of Crisis, (Food Chain Magnate) Caesar!, (Blitzkrieg!) K2, Healthy Heart Hospital (Jaws, Top Gun) (Dice Hospital, Clinic) 18 Ireland, 1848, Scout, Mafia, (Bohnanza) Carnegie (Teotihuacan) (Black Angel) Agricola, Lorenzo, (Werewolf) Blood on the Clocktower

1:11:11 - News: Spiel de Jarre nominations: Cascadia, Scout, Top Ten (Wavelength); Seven Wonders: Architects, Echoes: Thr Dancer, Magic Rabbit, My Goldmine, So Clover, Track 12 Hamilayas, Kennerspiel: Cryptid, Dune Imperium, Living Forest; Ark Nova, Cora: Rise of the Empire; Witchstone; Bureau of Investigation (Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective) Decorum, Wavelength

1:21:40 - No Games on the Brain

1:22:23 - Review of Gingkopolis: Troyes, Black Angel, Carnegie, Expancity, Underwater Cities, Arboretum, Eclipse

2:08:17 - What Makes Us Give a Game a Second Chance: (Barrage) Age of Steam, Avalon, Beyond the Sun, Lowlands, Tzolkin, Ankh, Merv, Embarcadero, Coimbra, Great Western Trail, Faiyum, Mind Mgmnt, Dinosaur Island, Terraforming Mars, Fields of Arle, Heaven and Ale, Gaia Project, Terra Mystica

2:37:33: Sign off