Round 16, Turn 6: "Time of Crisis" with Tom, Candice, and Mike

0:00:00 - Introduction: Welcome Tom, Candice and Mike
0:09:57 - This Week’s Game Night: Carnegie Deluxe (Gingkopolis, Carson City, Troyes,) Time of Crisis, (Railways of the World) Battle for Rokogon, Dale of Merchants, (El Grande, Babylonia, Wiz War)
0:30:00-  Game News: BGG Con 2022, (Ark Nova, Messina) Cat in the Box, Undaunted: Stalingrad, Undaunted: Reinforcements, (Undaunted: Normandy, Undaunted: Africa) San Francisco, War of the Ring: The Card Game (Hunt for the Ring, Successors)
0:49:34 - Time of Crisis Review: Age of Iron and Rust Expansion, Twilight Imperium
1:35:45 - The Joys of Hand Management: Dominion, Dune Imperium, Terraforming Mars, Ark Nova, Race for the Galaxy, Twilight Struggle, Undaunted Normandy; Everdell, Scout, Bohnanza, Glory to Rome, Hand in the Sea, Arboretum, (Art Decko, Modern Art) Time of Crisis, Mumbasa/Sky Mine, Friedrich, Maria, Terraforming Mars: Prelude, Dual Powers (Labyrinth, Twilight Struggle,) Pax Porfiriana, Twilight Struggle, (Agricola, Gloomhaven) Star Wars: the Card Game, Taj Mahal
2:21:36 - Sign Off: Kirbooloni.com