About The Group



The Rules Lawyer

Loves the mechanics of the games, loves to experience a game in the way the designer intended, keeps track of the board state for all other players, the true selfless member of the group keeping us all honest while having fun.

Alfred’s Spotify Game Night Playlist.

The Discriminating Gamer

Loves a heavy Eurogame or an 18xx… but also Twilight Imperium and Catan, which barely makes sense. If a game is fun and has interesting decisions, he’ll forgive design flaws. You can often find Ben talking excessively about gaming minutia and pushing back against various group metas. Also, he loves Barefoot Contessa, but that’s neither here nor there.

The Omnigamer

Loves and appreciates experiencing all types of board games -- party games, eurogames, wargames, 18xx, Twilight Imperium, and everything in between. Curious and passionate about discovering how games are designed, as you can tell from her BGG YouTube series, Cardboard Creations.



The Philosophical Gamer

Plays games purely to socialize because social party games encroach on his socializing. He prefers complex, challenging games, and so paradoxically has played more of them than ninety percent of serious players.



The Professor

Loves all kinds of games as well as the design and production of them. His favorite games to play are pretty heavy weight Euro style games with great mechanics and lots of resources to manage. An actual university professor he teaches game design to kids and adults.



The Casual Gamer

Just a dude who wants to chuck some dice and chill with his friends after a long day, but is open to pretty much any game as long as someone is willing to teach it.



The Pioneer

A long time gamer who loves the positive and the social aspects of board games. Heavy games are her thing, from 18xx to her own design work on Advanced Civilization.



The Analytical gamer

Interested in deconstructing games by their various winning strategies. Will often explore the road less traveled, in hopes of discovering hidden synergies the can lead to a surprise victory.


The Game Enthusiast

Loves to learn games, loves to explore games, loves to collect games, loves every facet of the hobby. A sheer testiment to this is his ever growing board game collection.



The Game Breaker

Loves to find/exploit a games weaknesses, loves to shape the meta, loves the social/psychological aspects of board games



The Game Master

A gaming evangelist dedicated to bringing new people into the hobby, loves to teach, learn, and play games of all kinds. Good at strategy, better at soft-skills. Often dons horrible accents that are only somewhat game appropriate. Also heavily into indie RPGs, writes popular LARPs, and a VR game or two.