About The Show

Game Brain Box

Game Brain is a weekly podcast, hosted by Matthew Robinson, focusing on board gaming, but through the lens of his board gaming group. Each week Matthew brings on a different member of his gaming group as a co-host. There are eight group members in total including Matthew so each will act as co-host roughly once every two months.

While the focus of the podcast is to review board games, preview board games, talk about our current board game obsessions, discuss the board game news, rave rant and wax poetic about board games... it will all be done through the lens of an actual, weekly board game group.

We think this format will truly be the best way to showcase the board gaming hobby in the most realistic and positive way possible - as a social activity done amongst distinctive, familiar, close and (usually) loving friends.

The 8x8 Challenge

We have picked 8 games and are attempting to play them all 8 times each. Check back here to see how we are progressing.


Age of Steam

Pax Games

Splotter Games

Gaia Project


Lorenzo Il Magnifico

Great Western Trail