Round 12, Turn 7: "Santorini" with Alfred

0:00:00 - Welcome Alfred, the Rules Lawyer 
Monopoly, Risk, Twilight Imperium, Witches of the Coast, Dungeons & Dragons, 5th Ed., 4th Ed., Champions
0:15:00 - This Week's Game Night
BGA, Hearthstone, Russian Railroads, Santorini, Agricola, Lost Ruins of Arnak, Terraforming Mars, Sagrada, Terraforming Mars Ares Expansion, Alubari and Snowdonia 17:57, Warlord 18:30, Age of Steam Germany 23:25
0:24:46 - This Week's News
Yellow & Yangtze, Ra, Modern Art, Babylonia, Samurai, Through the Desert, Blue Moon City, Grail Games and Reiner Knizia; Pipeline: Emerging Markets Expansion at Capstone-Games.com 28:08; Die Macher 31:12; Curious Cargo 32:10; Carnegie changes on BGA 32:44; Zombie Princess and the Enchanted Maze 34:32; Power Grid, Faiyum, Fearsome Floors, 36:35; Orleans picked up by Capstone from Tasty Minstrels 36:55
0:38:36 - Games on the Brain
The aesthetics of the sound and heft of game pieces: Warlord, Santorini, Food Chain Magnate, Trickerion, Lords of Waterdeep, Taverns of Tiefenthal; Diplomacy; Terraforming Mars, Ares Expansion 46:07, Race for the Galaxy, Roll for the Galaxy
0:51:51 - Review of Santorini
01:15:21 - Reviving Old and Out of Fashion Games
Faiyum, Settlers of Cataan; Warlord 1:23:56; Talisman, 1:27:53, Merlin, Apocalypse; Junta, 1:29:30, Paranoia; Scotland Yard,1:35:38, Letters from Whitechapel, Fury of Dracula;  Wiz War 1:39:29, Dominant Species; Master Mind, 1:42:08, Mysterium; Polarity, 1:43:23; The Gallerist, 1:46:10; Diplomacy, 1:48:25; Illuminati, the Card Game 1:54:02
1:58:40 - Sign Off, Barrage