Round 13, Turn 7: "Ganz schön clever" with Mark

Trey and Mark review "Ganz schön clever" and consider “Games as Metaphor.”

0:00:00 Introduction
Iocane Productions
- Decision Center at the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum
0:04:00 Game Night
Jackalope Productions - The Night in Question
00:10:20 Game News
-  GenCon 
- Scout!
Forsaken announced
- One Deck Galaxy on Kickstarter
- Star Wars Outer Rim: Unfinished Business
-  Azul: Queen's Garden
7 Wonders: Architects
-   Soulforge Fusion on Kickstarter
00:20:00 Games on the Brain
Clank: Legacy
- Crystal Palace
00:33:30 Game Review:Ganz schön clever
00:57:30 This Week's Discussion: Games as Metaphor

roduced and edited by Matthew Robinson, Tom Donnelly and Trey Alsup.