Round 14, Extra Turn: "The BGG Con Report" with Trey and Candice

0:00:00–Introduction: Welcome Tom, Game Designer Trey and Omni Gamer Candice at BGG Con
0:03:06–This Week’s Game Week:
Paint the Roses, 9:28 (Cryptid);
The Crew: Mission Deep Sea, 15:53 (Tichu);
Corrosion, 0:20:55 (Trismegistus, Terra Mystica, Race for the Galaxy, Tzolki'n, Barrage, Gutenberg);
Show Manager, 0:31:20 (Wallenstein, Bohnanza, Agricola, Show Manager: Cruise Ship);
Gutenberg, 0:41:08; 
Boon Lake, 0:48:45 (Maracaibo, Mumbasa, Terraforming Mars, Viticulture: Tuscany);
Ark Nova, 0:58:36 (Rajas of the Ganges, Terraforming Mars, Agricola, Corrosion, Wingspan, Cataan, Civilization: A New Dawn, Dominant Species, Kanban EV);
Buddy Toss, 1:12:30 (Shuffleboard, Crokinole, Man vs Meeple);
Wavelength, Wits and Wagers, 15:00 (Avalon);
Imperial Steam, 1:19:47 (Beyond the Sun, Furnace);
Stage Left, 1:21:54;
Scout, 1:25:17 (Delft);
Free Ride, 1:29:53 (Power Grid, Fresh Fish, Ticket to Ride, Faiyum);
Messina 1347, 1:34:02 (Istambul, Agricola, Shipyard);
Tank Duel, 1:40:57 (Combat Commander, Fields of Fire)
1:46:00--Sign Off, Etamar Peleg--Kirbooloni.com