Round 14, Turn 01: "Imperial Steam" with Jennifer

Trey and Jennifer talk about the 2021 release "Imperial Steam" and discuss the impact of video on the hobby.

00:00:00 Introduction -
- Google Pixel 6
00:06:53 Game Night
Smartphone Inc.
The Hunger
00:12:09 Game News
Ark Nova
Zenobia Award Winners
Game Wizards
Advanced Civilization
00:30:22 Games on the Brain
1840: Vienna Tramways
Lonny Orgler
-   Russian Railroads
-   Ultimate Railroads
-   The Riftbreaker
Valheim: Hearth and Home
-   Concordia on iOS
-  Essen Day - Jennifer's Geeklist
00:49:35 Game Review: Imperial Steam
01:34:28 Member Segment: The Impact of Video on the Hobby