Round 14, Turn 2: "Grand Austria Hotel: Let's Waltz!" with Matt

0:00:00 - Introduction: Welcome Matt, the Original Game Host
0:13:32 -This Week’s Game Night: Magnate, Grand Austria Hotel, Age of Steam Scandinavia, Love Letter, High Society, Captain Sonar, Bohnanza, Wavelength
0:18:02 - This Week’s News: Res Arcana Expansion, Lords of Ragnarok, Lords of Helas, Messina 1349, Gloomhaven 1.0 on Steam. 
0:33:49 - Games on the Brain: Imperial Steam, Origins: First Builder, Ark Nova, Furnace, Taj Mahal
0:44:11 - Review of Grand Austria Hotel: Lets Waltz! 2021
1:15:11 - Essential Expansions, Best Base Games: Too Many Bones, Age of Steam, Concordia, Terraforming Mars, Net Runner; BEST AT BASE: Marco Polo (Venice Map, New Characters,) Terraforming Mars Prelude (Elysium and Helas)(Venus Next, Colonies, Turmoil,) 7 Wonders (Leaders, Cities,) High Frontier (Jupiter and Saturn)(Interstellar,) Troyes (Ladies of Troyes,) Keyflower, Agricola (Farmers of the Moor,) Cataan (Knights and Cities, Seafarers,) Dune (Duel, Spice Wars, Ixthions, Xylathu,) Battlestar Galactica (Pegasus, New Caprica); ESSENTIAL EXPANSIONS: Underwater Cities New Discoveries, Agricola (Farmers on the Moor,) Terraforming Mars Prelude, Age of Steam: Korea, Lorenzo il Magnifico (Houses of the Renaissance,) El Grande King and Intrigue, Great Western Trail Rails to the North, Viticulture Tuscany, Through the Ages, Tribune.
1:48:21 - Board Game Sommelier: Mind Clash Void Fall Kickstarter. Golem.
1:57:01 - Sign Off