Round 14, Turn 03: "Magnate: The First City" with Paul and Trey

Ben, Paul, and Trey talk about the 2021 release "Magnate: The First City" and discuss setting expectations for attending a game night.

0:00:00 - Introduction: Welcome Game Breaker Paul and Game Designer Trey
0:05:13 - This Week's Game Night: Grand Austria Hotel: Last Waltz, Ultimate Railroads: Asian Railroads, ArtDecko (formerly Promenade), Avalon, Dune Imperium, Tichu, Belratti (formerly Stuff,) 1822, Dune: Conquest and Diplomacy
0:23:13 - This Week's Game News: Mercado de Lisboa, Dune online for free (on Treachery.online,) Monumental Consequence
0:28:00 - Games on the Brain: Iki, Concordia, Love Letters to Game Brain
0:41:01 - Review of Magnate: The First City: SimCity, Gingkopolis, Suburbia, The Cost, Age of Steam, 18xx, Brick and Mortar, Smart Phone, Expancity
1:47:42 - Setting Expectations for Game Night: Dune Imperium, Ankh, Avalon, Secret Hitler
2:14:04 - Sign Off