Round 14, Turn 6: "Iki" with Dmitry and Paul

0:00:00 - Introduction
0:04:11 - This Week's Game Night: Free Ride, Avalon, Brian Baru, Darwin's Journey, Advanced Civilization, (Eclipse) Western Empires, Eastern Empires, (Here I Stand) (Barrage) (Railways of the World) (Junta) Show Manager, Belrati, Mandala, Diluvia Project, Furnace, (Res Arcana) Small Star Empires, Imperial Steam, Pulsar2849, PanAm, (Arkwright,) Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion
0:42:00 - Games on the Brain: Free Ride, Santiago, Estates, Fresh Fish; Hegemony; Brick and Mortar; 
0:53:19 - This Week's Game News: Asmodee team up with Exploding Kittens, Brass Birmingham on Steam; Gaia Project, Tapestry, I'm the Boss on BGA
1:01:07 - Review of Iki: Le Havre, Teotihuacan, Francis Drake
1:48:20 - Things That Keep Us From Being Better Players
2:30:40 - Sign Off: WatchWhatCrappens.com, Etamaros Peleg @Kirbooloni.com