Round 14, Turn 7: "Brian Boru" with Tom, Candice, and Ben

0:00:00 - Introduction: Welcome OmniGamer Candice and Opinionated Gamer Ben
0:08:08 - This Week’s Game Night: Brian Boru, Boon Lake, Star Wars LCG, (Lord of the Rings, NetRunner Game of Thrones, Arboretum,) Avalon (Secret Hitler) Barrage, Shipyard (Clinic, Antiquity, Tramways of Vienna, Small Cities) Belratti, Brick and Mortar, Stick’um, (Black Orchestra), Spirit Island (Pandemic Legacy, Pandemic: Rising Tide)
0:38:58 - This Week’s Game News: Weather Machine, (Kanban EV, On Mars, CO2, Railways of Portugal, Lisboa, The Gallerist) Undaunted Reinforcements (Undaunted Normandy, Undaunted: Africa, Tank Duel) Palaces of Carrara (Paris, Telkhal, Azul) https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2767995/2021-end-year-support-drive
0:52:24 - Review of Brian Boru, the High King of Ireland
1:33:51 - The Most Interesting Area Majority Games: (Area Control: Blood Rages, Forbidden Stars, Twilight Imperium, Wallenstein, Hansa Teutonica, Lords of Vegas, Eclipse, ) Calimala, (Merve, Medusa) Juraku, Liberte, (Ethnos) Gingkopolis, Dominant Species: Marine, Maharaja, Wildcatters, (Coffee Traders) Europe Divided, (Undaunted Normandy, Warchest) Struggle of Empires, (Coalitions) Rococco, (Pret a Porter) Time of Crisis, Reef Encounter, Nippon, El Grande (Tamany Hall)
2:32:16 - Sign Off: Kirbooloni.com