Round 14, Episode 09: "City Hall" with Dmitry and Paul

Ben, Dmitry, and Paul review the 2014 release, "City Hall," and discuss the game group as an ibasho.

0:00:00 - Introduction: Welcome Ben, the Opinionated Host, Dmitry, The Philosophical Gamer, and Paul, the Game Breaker
0:06:20 - This Week's Game Night: Pulsar 2846, (High Frontier, Ticket to Ride,) Ark Nova, Medium, (Wavelength, Wits and Wagers,) Avalon, Once Upon a Time, The Great Wall (Perseverance, Brass,) Twilight Imperium 4: Prophecy of the Kings Expansion, Urban Sprawl
0:44:04 - Games on the Brain: Boonlake, Trismegistus, Darwin's Journey, Broom Service, Forbidden Stars, Forged in Steel, Hegemony, Teotihuacan (The Beginning of Everything,) Avalon
1:09:55 - Review of City Hall: Santiago, Estates, Embarcadero, Magnate: First City, Age of Steam, Isle of Skye
1:59:50 - Ibashos and Game Groups
2:32:07 - Sign Off: Kirbooloni.com