Round 15, Turn 10: "Messina 1347" with Tom, Matt, and Dmitry

0:00:00 - Introduction: Welcome Your Host Tom,  Matt, the Game Enthusiast, and Dmitry, the Philosophical Gamer: Agricola, Avalon 
0:10:10 - This Week’s Game News: Golden Geek Best Podcast Nomination, Thinker Themer and Viniculture, Autobahn (Kanban, Hanse Teutonica, Calimali, Newton, Darwin’s Journey) Arcs (Oath, John Company, Pax Pamir, El Grande, Taj Mahal, Conduttier) Septima (Brian Boru, Libertalia, Wallenstein, Shogun, Perseverance, Anachrony, Trickerion) Monopoly
0:37:33 - This Week’s Game Night: Winds of Gale Crest, Hanse Teutonica: Brittania Map, Ark Nova, Railways of the World (Age of Steam, Steam) Anno 1800, So Clover!
0:53:30 - Review of Messina 1347: Yokohama, Agricola, Lorenzo, Marco Polo, Troyes, Western Empires, Advanced Civilization, Santiago, El Grande, Food Chain Magnate, Praga Kaput Regni, Underwater Cities, Shipyard
1:27:40 - Backsies: Diplomacy, Die Macher