Round 15, Turn 2: "Furnace" with Tom, Jake, and Dmitry

0:00:00 - Introduction: Welcome Tom, Jake, the Casual Gamer, and Dmitry, the Philosophical Gamer.
0:09:36 - This Week’s Game Night - Alien Fire Team Elite, Tichu on BGA, Wordle
0:29:01 - This Week’s Game News, Wavelength App, Barrage New Map, (Hanse Teutonica) Pilgrim, (18xx, Age of Steam, Tokyo Metro, Underground) Libertalia: Winds of Gale Crest (Vasco deGama, Ethnos)
0:42:00 - Review of Furnace: Brian Boru, Pipeline, Brass, Arkwright.
1:05:30 - Games Ben Will Not Play with His Friends: (Age of Steam, Ark Nova, Terraforming Mars, On Mars, Boonlake, Lisboa) Sagrada, Azul, Ricochet Robots, Res Arkana, Glory to Rome, Innovation, Wiz War, (Battlestar Galactica) Through the Desert, Bus, (Food Chain Magnate) Modern Art, Cartehena, Sleuth, Dune, A Game of Conquest and Diplomacy, Quacks of Quedlinburg, Ricochet Robots, Fresh Fish. Santiago, Sheriff of Nottingham, Love Letter, Santorini, Bohnanza, El Grande.
1:16:37 - Sign Off