Round 15, Turn 03: "Art Decko" with Ben, Dmitry, and Paul

Ben, Dmitry, and Paul look at the 2019 game "Art Decko" and then discuss games as social experiences.

0:00:00 - Introduction: Welcome Ben, the Opinionated Gamer, Dmitry, the Philosophical Gamer, and Paul, the Game Breaker
0:08:39 - This Week’s Game Night: Tichu, Gaia Project, Can’t Stop (Just One, Code Names) Wordle, (Terra Mystica) Hegemony
0:23:30 - Game News: Concordia on Nintendo Switch, Avalon, Crystal Palace, Wingspan, Leaving Earth,; Pandemic App withdrawn 
0:33:56 - Games on the Brain: Sagrada, Underwater Cities, Great Western Trail, Gallerist, Modern Art, Azul, Splendor, Parks, Photographers, King Domino, Deep Sea Adventure, Welcome To, The Crew, Decrypto, Quacks of Quedlinburg
0:46:04 - Review of Art Decko
1:41:27 - The Social Uses of Gaming
2:14:10 - Sign Off: Watch What Crappens live in LA and San Diego, Kirbooloni.com, gamebrainpod.com