Round 15, Turn 04: "Terra Mystica" with Paul and Matt

Trey, Paul, and Matt review "Terra Mystica" and ask "What makes a game competitive?"
00:00:00 Introduction
Watch What Crappens
00:05:15 Game Night
   -   EconSean
   -   RaniorGames
   -   Lumin Sperling
Hegemony: Lead Your Class to Victory
Can't Stop
Gaia Project
Clans of Caledonia
Ark Nova
Through the Ages
Modern Art
Show Manager
00:30:22 Game News
Rolling Heights Kickstarter
Weimar: The Fight for Democracy
The Snow Queen
Kickstarter pumps the breaks on Blockchain
00:38:25 Game Review - Terra Mystica
01:30:30 Member Segment - What Makes a Game Competitive?
World Boardgame Championships

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