Round 15, Turn 5: "Advanced Civilization" with Tom and Jennifer

0:00:00 - Intro: Welcome Tom and Jennifer, the Game Pioneer
0:08:57 - This Week’s Game Night: Bitoku, Ark Nova, Gaslands, Watch What Crappens, Barrage, Tichu
0:17:06 - This Week's Game News: Overisles; Unsettled; Trey Parker's Top Ten - Western Legends, Merchants and Marauders, Abomination, Fury of Dracula, Robinson Crusoe, Auztralia, Alchemists, Star Wars Rebellion/War of the Ring, Sub Terra, Summit; Jennifer's VLOG on her Video Channel - Mayveena
0:36:40 - Review of Advanced Civilization: Catan, Western Civ, 1870, Twilight Imperium, Campaign for North Africa
1:09:19 - Negative Game Descriptions: Cosmic Encounter, Ark Nova, Acquire, Dominant Species, Primordial Soup, 18xx, Food Chain Magnate, Teotihuacan, Hanse Teutonica, Twilight Imperium 3&4, Port Royal.
1:34:57 - Board Game Sommelier: Games that are good to play with bad sports - Port Royal, Dominion, Bohnanza, any Roll and Write, Samurai, Babylonia, Splendor, Everdell, Hanse Teutonica
1:40:01 - Sign Off