Round 15, Turn 6: "Civilization: A New Dawn" with Candice and Dmitry

Ben, Candice, and Dmitry review "Civilization: A New Dawn" with the "Terra Incognita" expansion and then discuss "Ferrari Games."

0:00:00 - Intro: Welcome Candice, the Omni Gamer and Dmitry, the Philosophical Gamer
0:04:48 - This Week’s Game Night: Ark Nova, Messina 1347, So Clover, Just One, Code Names, Decrypto, Avalon, Burn Cycle, Der Spiegelstadt, (Jorgen) Nicea, Barrage, (The Great Zimbabwe) Hegemony, Terraforming Mars Prelude, 1848 Australia, Ark Nova
0:43:24 - This Week’s Game News: Red Flag over Paris, Rear Window (Jaws), Voices in my Head, Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney, High Treason: The Trial of Louis Real, Memphis Falls, Houston We Have a Dolphin, Shinkansen Zero K, SHASN, Tales from the Loop
0:57:36 - Games on the Brain: Tichu on BGA, Enemy Action: Arden, Arkwright, Arkwright the Card Game, Gingkopolis, Fortress of Steel
1:07:24 - Review of Civilizations: A New Dawn: Tapestry, Nations, Through the Ages
2:15:00 - Ferrari Games: (Food Chain Magnet) Anachrony, (Cerebrea) Eclipse, (Forbidden Stars,) Railways of the World, CloudSpire, Tzolkin, Praga Kaput Regni, Underwater Cities, Lisboa, Indonesia, Grasp the Ring, Menora, Pulsar 2849, Yokohama, Hanse Teutonica, Pax Pamir 2nd Ed, Ankh
Everdell, Wingspan, Stroganof
2:40:09 - Sign Off