Round 15, Turn 8: "Arkwright: The Card Game" with Trey and Paul

Ben, Trey, and Paul review "Arkwright: The Card Game" and then discuss what they look for and want from "card games."

  • 0:00:00 - Introduction: Welcome Trey, the Game Designer, and Paul, the Game Breaker
  • 0:02:51 - This Week's Game Night: Agricola, Panamax, Hegemony, Le Havre, Evil Stepmother Playtest, Ark Nova, DC's Labyrinth Games FLGS, Roads and Boats, Secret Hitler, Forged in Steel, Messina 1347
  • 0:15:23 - This Week's Game News: Oak, Stroganoff, Hanse Teutonica, Gugon, Scythe, Tigris and Euphrates, Dune Imperium, Concordia, Panamax, Barrage; Hamlet, Oak, Small City Deluxe on Tabletopia, Kickstarter and blockchain
  • 0:28:38 - Games on the Brain: Reacting to the Past: Athens Besieged, Rage against the Machine; Impact Earth; Our School of Avalon; 18USA (1817); 18 Chesapeake Off the Rails (After Dark); London Necropolis Railway (Diluvia Project, Tribune, Brutii);
  • 0:42:12 - Review of Arkwright: The Card Game: La Granja, Smartphone, Imperial, Age of Steam
  • 1:46:50 - Card Games
  • 2:13:45 - Sign Off: kirbooloni.com